The Relevance of CCD Student ID

The Community College of Denver offers a range of disciplines to students at various levels. Before the enrolment of these students, some requisites have to be satisfactorily made by the students. Some of the essentials include but not limited to fee payment, and fulfilment of academic qualifications based on the criteria established by the institution. In the process a student fails to meet the requirements, disqualification becomes certain measure to be undertaken by the school management board.

Article 2: Auraria High Education Center “Campus Services” Student Life, June 2015, Student Life.

However, the enrolment process is completed the moment the student identification card (ID) is issued. The ID is a critical document that shows a student is assigned number that once fitted in the administration system the personal information of the student is displayed. The card in particular plays the following roles: allows the student to access free campus transportation, university resources, career and technical tutoring services, CCD learning resources, academic technology center (ATC), college opportunity fund, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and others. To access the services as mentioned above, the student must submit the ID for the administration to assess the legibility.

Article 3: Patty, Dawes “Accessibility Center”May 2014,

Furthermore, the student needs to provide the CCD identification card to receive the clearance. After the clearance with the college key departments, for instance, the finance, the health, the faculty, the Information Technology, and library departments, the student is allowed to graduate to the next level and finally the collection of the academic certificate. Just to sum up, the student is presumed to belong to the CCD community after he/she receives the card. The card is instrumental in allowing the student freely access the school resources without limitation.

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