Reflection Essay

I have benefited a lot as a student in this class. Dr. […] has been very helpful in my learning process. Despite being an international student, I have faced minimal challenges throughout the semester. Combining this class and studio activities has gradually improved my writing skills in the English language. English is not my native language. Ms. […], my studio instructor, has been quite welcoming. She is always open to questions and encourages it. Also, we usually work on our essays then edit them. We also do peer reviewing.

The first thing we learned at the beginning of the semester was the meaning of the word “literacy”. It is the ability to read and write. We managed to write a narrative concerning literacy. My title for the narrative was “English Literacy in my Life”. It was my first narrative. We conduct peer reviewing in groups which has been of much assistance in revision. I also did a rhetorical analysis on Malcolm X “Learning to Read” essay. It discusses literacy.

Another knowledge acquired was learning to write in MLA format. It is also a foreign concept to me but pleasing. By learning how to use academic papers in writing research papers, I did a research paper titled, “ESL Learning Strategy for Adult Learners”. We learned the citation concepts used in MLA format. An example from my research paper is: “Language learning strategies is defined as the specific steps learners consciously take to accomplish certain language tasks” (Ma. Oxford 103).

To conclude, this class has been very helpful. It has enabled me to have an easy time learning from the other classes. I am now able to write decent academic research papers, about five pages in length compared to the past where I only managed two. I appreciated being a student in Dr. […] class. I would also like to take English 102 with her.

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