We’re Planning the Workshop for Parents. Would You Come To?


We are planning a workshop that will involve the parents of students in Freebrook Academy, and this is an avenue for parents to learn more about our school, new developments, ongoing projects, and new projects that are in the works. As a democratic institution of learning, we profoundly believe that there is room for progress and projects that will be of benefit to the students and the local community as well. In this regard, therefore, we have organized this workshop to discuss modalities that are in line with our academic plans and other operations as well.


We believe that collaboration is crucial if we are to meet our set goals and objectives, and we are channeling our efforts towards our objectives by collaborating with the students, the parents, and the community.


The workshop requires the attendance of parents of Freebrook Academy explicitly, and while it is not mandatory for parents to show up, it will be great if parents attend the workshop.


Student Affairs

During this workshop, our teachers are going to be present. The democratic nature of our school refers to them as facilitators, since they help students to learn, and they are exclusively individuals who assist in the learning process.


This workshop is also a forum where you can interact with these teachers. They will help you to know the progress of your child, and you can use that opportunity to learn more about your child’s behavior and company, and the areas that require parental attention.


Plans and Strategies

Since we are a part of the local community, which some parents are also part and parcel of, it is essential that parents show up, so that we can have discussions on how to chip in community development plans at an informal and a formal level as well.


Most of our programs touch on developing and advancing the community, and it is why we are requesting parents to come to this workshop. Their input and views will help us to tailor our programs in a manner that they will support the community in areas that deserve collaboration and combined effort.


Future of Freebrook Academy

This workshop will also help us to discuss with parents and students as well as the future of the school. Planning for tomorrow in advance will help us to evaluate our current state and avail the resources that will be needed. Moreover, as days while away, the chances are high that we might mull expansion strategies. Since we do not want to be unprepared when that time comes, we want to prepare in advance by gathering views, suggestions, recommendations, and proposals on how to proceed on this front.


Your Attendance Counts

We are banking on you to attend the workshop for it to be successful. There are a lot of issues that we have to cover, and this will only be possible if you attend the workshop. With regards to Freebrook Academy and the future of your child, attending the workshop will be a crucial step in the appropriate direction, since it will be an avenue for further deliberation and discussion on critical issues.


Our democratic culture works well when everyone’s views are put into an account, and this explains why it is essential that you attend this workshop.


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